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In JAKPOL mill we produce a wide range of flours for bakeries and confectionery businesses. We also sell flour to individual clients for home-made cakes and pastries.

Our priority is to obtain and maintain high quality of the products by means of constant control of each and every production stage, from grain collection to the sales of finished products.

We offer such products as:

  • Type-450 Wheat Flour – Cake Flour (cookie flour)
  • Type-450 Wheat Flour – Coarse-Grained Flour
  • Type-450 Wheat Flour – Five Hundred (pastry flour)
  • Type-550 Wheat Flour – Luxury (first baker’s flour)
  • Type-650 Wheat Flour
  • Type-750 Wheat Flour – Bread Flour (first clears flour)
  • Type-1850 Wheat Flour – Graham Flour
  • Semolina
  • Type-580 Rye Flour
  • Type-720 Rye Flour
  • Type-2000 Rye Flour – Dark
  • Wheat and Rye Bran



For the sale purposes flour is primarily prepacked in polypropylene and paper sacks of 50 kg (also in the sacks of 25 kg at the Customer’s request).

We offer type-450 wheat flour in 1 kg bags (or in 50 kg sacks).

We also have tankers for transporting unpacked, bulk flour.

Bran is sold unpacked or in sacks of 30 kg.









Quality Control

The up-to-date laboratory helps to carefully test each and every portion of flour that leaves our plant. We thoroughly select the purchased grain and thus, we guarantee the uniform quality of our products.