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”JAKPOL” Wheat Mill Plant, founded by Agnieszka and Jakub Woźny, is located in Świny, 10 km from Koluszki. ”JAKPOL” Company was established in 1992 on the basis of the Flour and Grain Products Wholesale Company, which operated at the time. In 1997 the construction of a mill began and a year later the first grinding of wheat took place in the mill. Its output could reach 70 tonnes a day.


At the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 the mill underwent complete modernisation and became computerised. Now it is one of the most up-to-date mill plant of this kind in Poland.

At the moment, the milling capacity of the mill reaches the level of 150 tonnes per day. The mill is equipped with flour blending facilities of 500-tonne output and with the grain silos whose total capacity is 6 500 tonnes.



In the first half of 2011 Zakład Przetwórstwa Zbożowego ”JAKPOL” purchased the Grain Silo in Rogów, located at ul. Elewator 1 near Łódź-Rawa Mazowiecka route. The silo has 27 000 tonnes of capacity. The purchase included also a rye mill plant, whose outputis 50 tonnes per day.
At that time the Company also established a grain collection point in Zleszyn, located in Bedlno District near Kutno-Łowicz route (the crossroads of Żychlin and Orłów roads). The point includes also the sales of prepacked wheat flour in 1 kg bags, wheat and rye bran.